DArcy McGuire

Thanks for stopping by.
This new site of mine is still a work in progress.
Posting stuff as I find it or clear it.
Currently, I spend most of my days mostly writing for one client 
and work on other people's records. 

A new SolaZul record is almost done. 
The California mountains did us some good.

Here is some of my professional work in music for media, agencies, 
broadcast and labels. 
The stuff I am most chuffed about.

I love working with many new young artists including 
emerging songwriting powerhouse Sofia Kay, young upstart Matthew Cugini and 
Master Guitarist Dino Toledo.

I am always licensing 
and writing for picture and media everything from ads, shows, 
the backing track to your news article to the sounds in your new car.

Music has been my living for most of my life. 
Composer, Musician, Producer, Arranger and Orchestrator.
In that order some years, others not so much.
Lately, I have also been modelling for print. 
'Discovered' at an advertising recording session...